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Feb 24, 2017

A SIX-HOUR race for Production Touring and Production Sports Cars will be incorporated into the annual Australian Muscle Car Masters event at Sydney Motorsport Park this October.

To be held on the October 27-29 weekend, the 6 Hours of Sydney will be held over two, three-hour legs with the first to be held in the twilight on Saturday afternoon and commencing at 4pm.

The completion of the race will be on the Sunday morning of the Australian Muscle Car Masters event, with a Saturday evening Australian Muscle Car Masters / 6 Hour ‘pit party’ to be staged for competitors, fans and officials alike in between. .

A full race program and other Muscle Car Masters activities will be included in an event program that will focus on maximising on-track action from more ‘traditional’ Muscle Car Masters categories, demonstrations and events.

“The introduction of the 6 Hours of Sydney within the fantastic Australian Muscle Car Masters event is a win-win for fans and competitors alike,” said ARDC CEO Glenn Matthews.

“It offers potential competitors a high profile race meeting that remains one of the most popular held at Sydney Motor Sport Park each year. Fans will enjoy a different style of racing for that weekend and an even broader array of vehicles.

“We think it integrates well into the existing Muscle Car Masters concept and evolves the event moving forward into the future.

“We are strong supporters of the concept and think it will be a fantastic addition to the event.”

Technical regulations will include a mixture of Production Touring car and selected Production Sports cars, with an array of more than 200 vehicles eligible for the race ranging from the Lotus Exige / Elise sports cars to vehicles like the Mitsubishi Lancer EVO,
Holden Commodore / HSV and Toyota 86s – amongst others.

Improved Production vehicles will also be eligible, with classes for both over and under two-litre cars featuring alongside the existing Production Car and Production Sports Car categories.

All cars will be required to run a control R-Spec tyre, with the brand yet to be finalised.  

The field is expected to comprise a mix of state and national level Production Car competitors, selected Production Sports car racers and those with eligible vehicles that may not race presently race on the national scene.

The 2017 Australian Muscle Car Masters will be held at Sydney Motor Sport Park on October 27-29, 2017.

For more information about the 6 Hours of Sydney, including detailed eligibility and technical information, please visit