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Dec 15, 2016

THE 10 HOURS of Sydney will be re-vamped and moved to a date later in 2017.

Event organisers decided to move the inaugural January running of the event for Production Sports & Touring Cars to a date later in the year, mainly to allow teams to properly prepare, and to take advantage of some new opportunities for competitors that will be announced soon.

Though interest and the level of enquiry in the event was strong, and the promoters are convinced the two-leg format is the right one for the future, feedback from teams indicated that the timing of the inaugural event would restrict entries due to, in part, preparation time over the summer holidays, staffing requirements and budgets.

Though the grid was starting to consolidate, event organisers have taken the decision to ensure the inaugural running can be staged at its fullest potential and as many interested parties as possible are able to compete.

Plans are well advanced to stage the event later next year at a date that will not only benefit the competitors - but also the promoter, sponsors / event partners and other invested parties.

Promoters will honour existing entries should they wish to maintain their place on the grid on the revised date.

The new date along with some exciting changes will be announced shortly.

“We were buoyed by the interest in the 10 Hours of Sydney and while we could have run the event with the interest we had, we took the decision to move the date to allow us to launch at the level we feel the event can achieve in year one,” explained co-promoter, Rob Curkpatrick.

“The format, both in the way the race would be run, the class structure and eligibility list and the Saturday night entertainment, all hit the mark and were positively received. However, we had to accept that running an endurance race in January wasn’t universally popular.

“This is an opportunity to take stock, learn from the feedback we have already received and ensure the event kicks off in an appropriate style later in 2017.

“The ARDC and the entire team are committed to the event succeeding and we feel this decision will benefit everyone.”

Competitors not already notified by this news and seeking information should contact the event team via